Research Interests



I am interested in theory and measurement of human and animal individual differences, reliability and validity of integrative assessment.

I am also interested in theory and practice of coaching psychology, managing changes and life transitions.


Other areas of interest: human-animal interactions, animal assisted interventions, positive psychology and coaching, wellbeing and coaching psychology, gender transition and coaching psychology, intersubjectivity and related methodological Issues, animal behaviour and welfare


Research Projects


Iindividual differences (personality and emotions) in humans and horses.


Managing Changes - application of coaching psychology in gender transition.













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Differential Psychology»
Psychology of individual differences e.g. personallity and emotional intelligence.


Comparative Psychology»
Study of animal behaviour


Human - animal interactions.


Animal Welfare»
Integrative assessment of animal welfare and behaviour.


Intersubjective space.


Research design and methodological issues.


Emotional Intelligence»
Ability to recognise, assess and communicate emotions.

Dr Dasha Grajfoner CPsychol CSci                 Reseach Interests